Worlds Warm Up Race – May 4th – 8th 2016!

2016 Worlds Warm Up Information and Schedule

Classes and entry fees:

1/8th scale nitro buggy – $95
1/8th scale eBuggy – $70


All classes are open to any racer and can sign up until Friday May 6th

*If any drivers attending the worlds warm up chooses to stay Sunday May 8th, Monday May 9th, Tuesday May 10th or Wednesday May 11th to test. A practice fee of $25 per day will be charged. This fee must be paid with your entry fee to allow access onto the facility after the event*

Example: If you ran Nitro buggy, eBuggy and 4 days of testing a total of $270 would be charged.


Tuesday May 3rd

Check in and set up 8:00am – 11:00am
Open Practice 12:00 pm – 5:00pm

Wednesday May 4th

Nitro Buggy and eBuggy practice
Gates open at 7:00am
Practice starts at 9:00am – 7:00pm
Practice day will be open practice. If we feel the need to control practice we will do so.
We will rotate 12 car heats for 10 minutes.

Thursday May 5th

Controlled and Seeding Practice
Gates open at 7:00am
Practice starts at 9:00am
Worlds classes controlled practice heats.
12 car practice heats will be set up and run for 7 minutes each.
Round one practice heat – Open
Round two practice heat – Open
Round three practice heat – Open
Round four practice heat – Seeding

Friday May 6th

Qualifying Day
Gates open at 7:00 am
Qualifying starts at 9:00am
We will run four rounds of qualifying for Worlds Class competitors only.

Saturday May 7th

Qualifying and Main events
Gates open 7:00am
Round five of qualifying starts at 9:00am
After qualifying is complete we will have a 30 minute break to set up the main events.
We will use the IFMAR ladder system for the finals in the Worlds Class nitro buggy
1/8th 1/4th 1/2 finals = 30 minutes
A Final = 1 hour

Sunday May 8th – Wednesday May 11th

The track will be open for testing/practice from 9:00am-7:00pm for a $25 fee each day