World’s Track Surface Update

***Attention all racers, chassis, and tire manufacturers that are attending the 2016 IFMAR World Championships in October and Pre-World Championship in May***

Over the past several months we have been testing different racing surfaces in preparation for the 2016 World Championships. Our goal was to have a consistent, high grip surface with minimal maintenance that would hold up well for a week of racing. We finally achieved the end result we were looking for, however it came with a price. I personally feel it took away from what real off road racing should be. (Bumpy, loamy, wet etc.) This “concrete high grip style” seams to be the way 1/8th scale racing has been headed the last 10 years. I feel that this style of racing, although is the most consistent, is not what attracts new racers to our hobby and does not appeal to fans of off road racing. RC Tracks of Las Vegas is 100% behind growing the sport of RC racing and wants to showcase what a true off road world championship should look like.

After getting feedback from many top factory drivers, team managers, chassis and tire manufacturers and also speaking with ROAR and IFMAR, we have reached a final decision on how we will run the surface for the Worlds Warm-up in May and the 2016 IFMAR World Championships in October.

RC Tracks of Las Vegas, IFMAR and ROAR Racing have agreed that in order to crown a true 1/8th scale OffRoad world champion this year. The racing surface should be just that “OffRoad”  rough, bumpy, loamy, etc. So we will prepare the surface much like the 2015 SilverState race.

RC Tracks of Las Vegas feels like this is the best decision for the overall well being of the sport and attracting new racers into the hobby and will also create a great track and surface that will promote close, fair and consistent racing.

Hope everyone understands this decision and we hope to see you all in October for the 2016 IFMAR 1/8th OFFROAD World Championships!

Chris Tocco